Do you want to know how to get rid of shin splints? Shin splints are agonising, frustrating and can really ruin your sports or exercise sessions. The term “shin splints” is not an actual medical term, but a layman’s term that describes a general pain in the lower half of the legs. One of the most common problems that falls under the “shin splints” term is medial tibial stress syndrome (or MTSS for short).

shin splints

For someone who has had MTSS in the past it is very easy for them to recognize the pain as it is coming on. However someone who has suddenly developed pain in their lower legs may not be sure what it is or what it is caused from. It is important to recognize MTSS early as continuing to work through the pain will only make it worse and can lead to stress fractures and further delay recovery time. MTSS pain is most often described as a recurring dull ache along the distal two thirds of the tibia. The pain can be in the general area of the shin including both in front and back of the shin and leg. The main difference between this pain and that of a stress fracture is that stress fracture pain is much more localized to a specific spot on the leg (tibia). Another way to self diagnose is to move your ankle and foot around, this type of movement should not cause shin splint pain.

Shin splints are usually a result of overworking the muscles of the lower extremities (below the waistline). Weakened core muscles and muscle imbalances are also key factors that contribute to this ailment. A sudden increase in activity intensity can often lead to MTSS. This is because the muscles and tendons are unable to absorb the force of impact as they are becoming fatigued. Training, working and running on uneven terrain including inclined and declined roads and treadmills can also be an important trigger to shin splints. It’s important to note that wearing old worn out shoes can also contribute to shin splints as well as those who are flat footed. Running on the balls of your feet and with your feet pointing outward are also sure ways to develop this dreaded ailment.

How to get rid of shin splints naturally?

  • If you have been using your running shoes for 3 months, they have to go. Sometimes, people get shin splints because they stick to worn out shoes that are screaming to be replaced. Select a nice pair that fits well, extremely comfy and designed for the intended purpose.
  • Do some stretching and muscle conditioning before any activity. If you subject your muscles to immediate exertion and stress without warm-ups and stretching, you run the risk of worsening your shin splint problem. Proper stretching will prepare your muscles for any long-term activity, keeping it loose and ready. Proper stretching of the injured muscle can also help in the healing process.
  • Massage Therapy can helps to improve flexibility, reduce inflammation, relieve muscle tension, spasms and pain.
  • Pain is one of the most annoying results of a shin splint. You might want to use cold compress on where the pain presents. Simply place the cold compress on the affected areas for 20-30mins. Do this every day until the pain goes away.
  • Rest should be your best friend if you want to heal your shins. Healing them by not using them is one of the most effective home remedies for shin splints. If you try to use them while you are trying to heal it at the same time, there could be serious effects and damages to your shins. If it wouldn’t kill you, don’t even try to walk and don’t even try to exercise. If permanent damage is brought on to the shins, it would even be harder for you to go through everyday life.


how to get rid of shin splints

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